Friday, September 4, 2009


these photos are all taken from
KAPITAL, a japanese fashion collaborative.
it was really hard to choose which ones to post because they are all amazingly beautiful.
this is something to inspire us all for fall!

i was talk to a friend of mine recently about my constant frustration with
craft vs. fashion.
i think if it's done right,
the two can communicate quite beautifully.

three things i love:
big a line dresses
black and white plaid.


i've been saying this for a while, but, watch out for onesies!
some of them can be really good, like her work-type jumpsuit thing!

i really hope that urban outfitters doesn't try to do this, because they'll ruin it for everyone.
i really love this print!

first of all, those shoes!
i don't know what they are, but they're blowing my mind.
second of all, i love simple details like this.
it looks like she got sick of her drapey skirt thing, and just tied it up.
i think we should all take her lead.

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