Friday, February 18, 2011

simply breakfast.

lately i have been so overwhelmed with inspiration.
so much so that sometimes i don't know where to begin!
but like my mother always told me
the most important thing is to start with a healthy breakfast.

i wanted to write an entry about inspiration
(but i got overwhelmed)
so for now it's just going to be about breakfast.

i have always loved mornings and morning rituals...
maybe it's because i'm the daughter of a baker?
tell me about your morning rituals!

simply breakfast

1 comment:

  1. morning ritual..
    without fail, i spend at least five minutes every morning petting my cats.
    it makes the rest of the day seem not so bad.

    a perfect morning ritual for the winter would involve hot tea, fresh bread, listening to the secret sisters, and drawing with a good ink pen.